Sexy Asian Smiles for today and a smiling face lesson

Sexy Asian Smiles for today and a smiling face lesson

People have become more aware of the significance of aesthetically pleasing smiles these days. And obviously, when you smile, your teeth are on display. Bad teeth or gums – essentially bed dental health – can mar your smile and make you very conscious. One must remember that good dental health doesn’t always require sacrificing beauty for function. Ultimately, emanates form good health.

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Many habits can ruin a smile. Smoking stains the teeth as does consumption of coffee and tea. Holding objects, like pipe or glasses, in your mouth can cause spaces. Chewing ice or cracking nuts with your teeth can chip or fracture them. Biting, chewing or sucking on the lips or cheeks can damage tissue, and can cause tooth arrangement abnormalities, like spaces. So can constant tongue thrusting or placing your fingernails between your front teeth.

Many people erroneously believe that all of their facial defects reside in their smile when, in fact, their problems lie elsewhere. In these cases, plastic or oral surgery, rather than dental treatment, may be necessary, like an incompetent or a short upper lip, wherein your teeth appear to be big and you feel they are jutting out. Virtually everyone can be helped with cosmetic contouring/shaping of teeth to improve the shape of their natural set. By just going to a dentist for treating teeth and gum deformities, you are not assured of a perfect smile. For instance, you may think that if only your front two teeth were capped, you would have a great smile. In reality, however, this treatment may just backfire by making your front two teeth stand out.
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How to determine your face shape?

Facial shapes can sometimes be altered by changing the way you smile. Stand in front of a mirror and observe the shape of your face when you smile. First, smile normally. Next, smile wider. Observe the effect of the wider smile on your facial outline.

• A wider smile will help a square face to appear longer or oval.

• If you have a round face, practice smiling such that your teeth show. Open your mouth wide, them smile with your teeth showing. Chances are that your facial profile and smile will improve.

• While smiling, ensure that the bottom biting edges of the upper teeth are visible. Again, opening the mouth more may keep the lower lip from covering the edges, thus preventing the teeth from looking like a row of chicklets.
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